Li Cheong

Year: 10
School: Perth Modern School
Medium: 3D pen-plastic

Artist statement: Influenced by the realist style of Courtney Mattison and the branching motifs of Guerra de la Paz and Yuken Teruya, the sculpture Asphyxiation depicts the common perception of human’s relationship with the environment.
One of the lungs realistically resembles human lungs, representing our presence on our planet. The other is an erratic swirling mess, symbolising the global environment and how climate change is spiralling out of control due to our irresponsible waste management and manner of production which extensively pollutes ecosystems. Additionally, the 3D Pen used to create the artwork is ironic as it also produces gases and moulds plastic, like many of the manufacturing processes used today.
The two lungs are connected to the same trachea, reminding viewers that all life is interconnected and people aren’t ‘above’ environmental concerns. It brings attention to the fact that the common attitude to climate change is one of dismissive responsibility and passively blaming others, rather than making active changes to one’s daily life and companies’ methods of production.

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