Healthy Lifestyle?

Caitlin Button

Year 12
School: Geraldton Senior College
Medium: Cardboard; paper; wood; Paint

Artist statement: Healthy Lifestyle? has been inspired by Claes Oldenburg, a sculptor from America, who specialises in creating over-sized everyday objects. My artwork provides an insight into the daily life of an ordinary person who eats their Vegemite for breakfast. In Australia, almost every household stores this spread as a symbol of our togetherness and our pride as a nation, although most people don’t know the benefits of eating it every day. By enlarging the nutritional information on the jar I am showing the population how important it is to understand what you are putting into your body. The sculpture is an accurate version of the usual sized jar, but enlarged to 85cm. The structure is sturdy enough to support a functioning drawer, which could hold a variety of objects, and be used as a bedside table. To create this strength I used wood, paper, cardboard and paint. It was necessary to include all characteristics of the jar and its logo accurately to express my ideas.

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