Wolves May Lurk in Every Guise

Chun Kit Chan

Year 12
School: Churchlands Senior High School
Medium: Digital photograph

Artist statement: When people look at this photo, I want them to feel a sense of isolation and loneliness. I am currently creating a series of images based on Little Red Riding Hood. This image will be used at the end of the series, referring to the death of the wolf. This photos was taken using a table top studio, with a white backdrop and lights. I painted the paw prints on by hand and the axe and tree trunk are miniatures that I 3D printed and then painted. The idea was inspired by an album cover called Silence in the Snow. It has a white background with the main focus in the middle; the white space allows no other distractions and I thought this would work well for my theme. The footprints act as a leading line towards the central focal point. It also has a shallow focal range which add to the misty, ominous feeling. The idea of a wolf is implied by the blood prints on the ground. The axe in the tree trunk has blood trailing off its blade to suggest that the wolf is heavily wounded and the threat could still be somewhere in the mist. The white also give a cold tone to the photo, furthering strengthening the feeling of losing warmth during death.

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