Advenae Taetae

Daisy Chalklen

Year 9
School: John Curtin College of the Arts
Medium: Embroidery on paper bark and mixed media on Canson paper

Artist statement: In my artwork I portrayed the feelings of attachment and nostalgia that we as humans feel for our childhood homes. My emotions are defined by the juxtaposition of my own sense of home in Australia and that of my parents elsewhere. The pastel drawing of the Abbey Ruins in Bury St Edmunds on the right represents my mum and her childhood in England. The left side of the work represents the mountains and lakes of my dad’s home in New Zealand, and his sense of belonging. The embroidered heart portrays my affinity with Australia where I grew up – the heart being separated from the scenery of my parents’ childhood homes by the layer of paperbark. This shows the detachment that I feel due to not sharing their love for England and New Zealand.


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