Cruisin’; Nature’s Confetti; Laundry/Dress-up; and Origami on Quiet Days

Dayne Stark

Year 12
School: School of Isolated and Distance Education
Medium: Watercolour

Artist statement: I chose watercolour due to its delicate, almost dreamy aesthetic. This set is a reflection on how we cope in a time of crisis. The memories we build, especially with family, are comforts. In isolation, we fall back on these comforts and rely on them to make life feel a little more normal. The first piece depicts my mother riding her Moped. She’s fearless and she taught me to be bold. The second piece represents a memory I have of using leaves to play with my sisters. The third piece is of a tradition among my family. I have four siblings so there was always a ton of laundry to do. Sometimes, we’d end up playing with the laundry, instead of folding it. The fourth piece depicts me doing origami, a hobby that helps me to feel at peace.

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