Creation of Adam

Drew Smith

Year 12
School: Kelmscott Senior High School
Medium: Blue ballpoint pen

Artist statement: ‘Creation of Adam’, a fresco by Michelangelo, is an iconic piece. I wanted to recreate it in a unique way so I chose blue biro. This created a profound contrast between medium and subject – ordinary and extraordinary. The medium is humble: a regular blue biro. I used fine strokes for faces and intricate details, and rougher strokes in the background. This made certain areas seem in or out of focus. I also added liquid paper highlights. This diluted the ink to a mid-blue which extended my tonal range. And I added a ‘halo’ at the centre to accentuate the finger tips. Working with a single colour was challenging. My blue pen also ran out of ink half way through. I chose another but it had a warmer shade of blue. I used this to advantage – to contrast Adam with the heavenly bodies. Overall, it was a total success! I took pride in reinterpreting a masterpiece and even greater pride in showcasing it.

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