Pathway of Experience

Ella Marriott

Year 11
School: Duncraig Senior High School
Medium: Digital drawing

Artist statement: The figures in the painting are clearly out of place … this isn’t their world. With the growing prevalence of fiction in popular culture, it is becoming vital to experience the creation of others. Whether it is through seeing a movie or reading a book, we are exposed to plots and worlds that our own imagination could not have dreamt of. Like a good movie, the protagonists never get to their end point – they just continue on a straight path. As consumers we see this journey from the protagonist’s perspective and we experience the plot. The figures in the painting look like they don’t belong, because they don’t! The contrast between the painting’s style and the flat, clean, transparent look of the figures shows that they are not part of this world, but are just there for the experience. In the right of the painting, the helping hand of the creator supports a path showing where we are to go within their world, guiding us on a journey along the red path that weaves throughout the image, representing the plot lines of whatever media we are consuming.

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