Emma Purkis

Year 12
School: Safety Bay Senior High
Medium: Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Artist statement: This artwork is a reflection of how my heritage has shaped me. Family is extremely important and I wanted to represent those who have had a positive impact on my life and that of my family. I exploried these connections – looking back into my past, at my current aspirations and into the future. Pink was my great grandma’s favourite colour. She was an artist and an inspiration to me. I acknowledged my great grandpa’s bravery by including the symbol of the Lancaster bomber plane in which he flew and lost his life in WW2. The blue moon rose was my nan’s favourite flower, and the rainbow reflects my grandpa, and a poem read at his funeral called ‘Look for Me in Rainbows’. There is also the pink of the breast cancer awareness ribbon – my nanny died of breast cancer. I used symbolism to portray their legacies and how they resonate within me. I am shown looking forward in order to convey how these things cotinue to encourage me to look to the future and do what I love.

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