Happiest Day of My Life (?)

Erica Murray

Year: 12
School: Shenton College
Medium: Digital Photography

Artist statement: My photography attempts to confront the actions and values of society and their treatment towards nature and their surroundings. Humans have slowly begun to degrade the planet, and this image depicts the future of our society, and portrays the implications that the destruction of life and nature will have on the future population. The image is in black and white, devoid of any colour, and this strips away any sense of life and emotion. Humans have polluted the air in an irreversible way, and this image accosts the lack of care and importance that we place on the destruction of our home. My photograph is to show where our lives will be headed if no action is taken against the eradication of the Earth, and that even on what is supposed to be the happiest of days – a wedding – we have still destroyed it with our greedy, materialistic ways.

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