Pretty Dangerous

Geena Gill

Year 12
School: Hampton Senior High School
Medium: Tranparency print on clear acrylic disc; MDF board and nails

Artist statement: Inspired by a keen interest in both science and the arts, I worked with living bacteria I grew from samples taken from places people unthinkingly interact with in the everyday for example door knobs and tap handles. The reality is these items are contaminated with bacteria, much of which people would avoid if educated on the reality. I have focused on the decorative patterns and colours that can be produced by growing the bacteria under scientific conditions. They are unexpected and beautiful when placed in another context. The work aims to draw the viewer’s attention to the beautiful and grotesque details of nature that we might otherwise never see while also reminding us that we can find beauty in our surroundings if we look close enough. The outcome of the bacteria growth has been manipulated using Photoshop and displayed on circular, clear acrylic of varying sizes, referencing the petri dishes the original bacteria were grown in. Each individual circular piece casts colour onto the board behind it.

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