The Crime of Being You

Grace Yong

Year: 11
School: Willetton Senior High School
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Artist statement: A mugshot is a photograph taken by the police typically after a person is being arrested for
a crime. The “crime” in this painting is simply the girl expressing her individuality and
identity with what she believes, how she dresses and what she chooses to put on her
body. Often times we as individuals are always getting judged by others on our
appearance. Sometimes you get all these different opinions and input on how you “should”
be like and what you “should” do to fit in, it is almost as if everyone else – parents, friends,
even strangers – gets to decide on how you should look. All of the sudden they’re all
judges, and society becomes a courthouse. “You look intimidating in that,” “you’re too
young for this,” “you can’t wear that,” “this is nonsense,” “this isn’t you”. The mugshot
represents feelings of being forced to change aspects of yourself whether you like it or not;
all these restraint and control leaving no room for the freedom to be who you are as an

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