Heather Neretlis

Year: 11
School: Byford Secondary College
Medium: Mixed-media on paper

Artist statement: My major inspiration for my final artwork was John Singer Sargent, he inspired my colour palette, composition and helped me capture my sister, Ainslie’s personality as he did with his own subjects. My composition of using a circular outline was inspired by one of Sargent’s portraits. I collaged my final artwork together using different paper, magazine cutouts, and using different mediums. I chose hues of blue, pink, green and contrast it with black line. The blues represent her Greek heritage, and creates a pensive, calm feeling. The pink is the focal point in the composition; her hair is pink as she is a hairdresser and I felt the need to emphasis this, as it is an important part of her life. The artwork has a border of collaged magazine clippings, symbolising the outside world we live in but she is separated from this in a background of solid blue. I chose to do this as it brings complexity and contrast to it but is not harsh on the eye.

Other Young Originals

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