Mirror on the Wall

Malesha Jayaratne

Year 9
School: Harrisdale Senior High School
Medium: Pencil and acrylic paint on paper

Artist statement: While my art usually involves detailed sketches of still, everyday objects, for this project I tried something outside my comfort zone. My self-portrait explodes with feelings. My choices were significant. I included blue shards to symbolise my sad, vulnerable feelings at the time. And I added round water droplets – tears, on the frame and stripes with straight lines to signify how one can look perfect on the outside but have hidden emotions. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure I was worth drawing, compared to the symmetrical and perfect objects that I would usually choose. But while drawing each part carefully and thoughtfully, I began to appreciate myself more – not just the me drawing the picture, but the me in the drawing. I could feel the emotion in my own eyes; I could see the tears as well as the joy. It was like looking in a mirror.


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