Neha Joshi

Year 8
School: Perth Modern School
Medium: Polymer clay, acrylic paint, metal framework

Artist statement: The Quollary is a ‘protector creature’ designed to defend the Tiger Quoll. Since the Tiger Quoll’s main predators are feral cats and foxes, I made the Quollary appear doglike, so its predators would fear it. I added horns for digging as the Tiger Quoll lives in burrows and the Quollary would share these safe spaces. Since the Quoll inhabits forests, my creature’s fur is dark brown to match bark and the horns forest green to blend in with trees. The nose is doglike and the eyes are also green. The Quollary’s pose is dominant – it sits erect. The message in my artwork is that we should all help protect the Tiger Quoll as the Quollary does. I’d like viewers to admire my creature for its form, rather like a dog, a choice which helps humans feel a connection to the protector of the Tiger Quoll and makes them more inclined to help this endangered animal.

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