Millicent Cut in Pieces

Rhianon Da Luz

Year 12
School: Governor Stirling SHS
Medium: Mixed media

Artist statement: I have appropriated a portrait of suffragette Millicent Fawcett. I have cut the artwork into pieces to represent the way the female image is continually reconstructed and the ideal image of femininity is constantly redefined. I have used obvious motifs, such as the red face symbolic of the ‘scarlet’ woman. Above the head is a mesh of orange doodles to represent the white noise of social media. Orange is a highly symbolic colour; it is a warning light to slow down and stop! The portrait is enclosed in written text. This text is quotes by Donald Trump. They are indicative of the struggle feminists still face in today’s society. I believe if Millicent could see how little things have changed she would be disappointed.


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