Saorise Hunter

Year: 12
School: Churchlands Senior High School
Medium: Watercolour

Artist statement: My artwork focuses on the struggles faced by young women in school or work environments in the way they are unable to express their opinions freely as a man without being labelled as feminist as a negative connotation. My artwork, by any means is not aniti-male but rather, focuses how anti feminism can come from any angle of life, and how women are not exempt from being anti-feminist themselves. It’s about the voice that we sometimes do not have or that is not heard.
I used watercolour as I felt it gave a delicacy to the subject that contradicts the concept I am exploring – giving an additional meaning that women are beautified or that they are to present as being beautiful. I feel that the watercolour and the realistic approach distracts you, only seeing the held tongue by the hand after. Hence women’s and girl’s voices being secondary to their image and appearance.”

Other Young Originals

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