Shaquira Fraser

Year: 12
School: Katanning SHS
Medium: Acrylic on canvas board

Artist statement: My work reflects my love for Frida Kalo’s art and is dedicated to my identical twin sister who like me has a love for the fox, wolves and our canine friends. I started drawing the wolves, foxes and dogs about a year ago with the idea of one day creating a painting of these wonderful creatures. As the painting of the fox evolved I realised that it reflected my sister’s personality which is diametrically opposed to mine although we are twins born only minutes apart.
I have depicted the beauty of the fox combined with the personality of my sister the risk taker who has no fear of death. The use of a dirty monotone umber & brownish tones on the skull represents my interpretation of death in a very direct, certain and plain context, compared to vibrant colour and texture of the fox which represents the depth and colour of life. You could say that the roses represent love, life and the remembrance of a lost life that comes at the time of the death of a loved one. Images that oppose life and death as one of the same like me and my twin of whom the art piece was dedicated to.”

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