Yee Han Wong

Year: 11
School: Willetton Senior High School
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Artist statement: The word “tradition” are normally interpreted as a preservation of culture in
our community, a common practice by everyone throughout decades and
centuries. However is tradition always healthy or beneficial in modern
context . One common tradition practiced by many cultures around the world
is arranged marriage which is the topic I truly focus in this painting. The focal
point of the painting is the girl in a traditional Chinese wedding dress. The
details on the sleeves preserves the culture of traditional embroidery and
patterns. The subject is surrounded by negative space filled with nothing but
darkness and it is painted unevenly to give it a sense of distortedness and
loss. It is to set the tone and mood of the painting presenting my disagreement
with this tradition showing the darker nature of it, as you know your future is
set, not by your choices or actions but simply your parent’s command.
Tradition can be good and bad and some are worth changing. Throughout the
ages, our common mistake is that we can’t accept change or differences but
it’s time to change for the better.

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